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but. Nov 13, 2016 · Setelah The last Naruto the movie chapter 2 Disclaimer: Naruto & Hinata serta The last hanya milik masashi sensei seorang. You can keep a secret can’t you?” Hinata didn’t even give Naruto a chance to answer as she continued on in a happy, bubbling voice. Naruto Fan Fiction Hinata's Secret Life Naruto's mission, Hanabi, and Temari ( Chapter 21 ) [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Favorite Chapters: 1. Net Adult-FanFiction. important:  2 Nov 2014 One-shot based on the upcoming film Naruto: The Last Story, A First Love. However, every couple has its secrets. Also, preferably completed with more than 10 chapters. true When futa Hinata ends up with Naruto again Godlike Oc Fanfiction The Naruto (Japanese: ナルト) manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Masashi Kishimoto. He was the hero of the Hidden Leaf, finally acknowledged. Godlike naruto betrayed and banished fanfiction crossover Godlike naruto betrayed and banished fanfiction Rwby Fanfiction Watching Jaune Multiverse Naruto Naruto Naruto and Itachi. " Hinata agrees and they go inside. Hinata turns around, and Naruto says, "Mind Control Jutsu!" Hinata's eyes glaze over, and Naruro says, "Can you hear me. 7/22/2017 c1 10 dead. Hikane happens to be the first born, who was born durring Naruto: College Freshmen. Leaving Konoha with a secret, Naruto stumbles into the arms of someone he thought untouchable and soon finds himself at the centre of a plot decades old. Last Chapter Read 30 Godlike naruto betrayed and banished fanfiction crossover. This was a moment every fanfiction writer had dreamed (and wrote)  Recently Added: NARUTO: There's a hole at the hot springs! Animal Handling: (Akamaru/Hinata/Hanabi) While Kiba is preoccupied with the Hokage, Akamaru . Fan Ninja Bingo Book [125] An area to store fanfic information, such as bios, maps, political histories. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. 2 The Luthor and The Daughter of El by adam199118 Naruto Luthor has found out his girlfriend's secret in the worst way possible. 19 Sep 2007 What happens when Hinata's feelings for Naruto are revealed to him? What happens if all along he's felt the same way! Read on and see! Naruto  1 Jul 2011 We all saw Hinata's confession, we all heard what she said to Naruto, we all got frustrated when Naruto forgot all about her confession, and  6 Jun 2018 The old adage of opposites attracting is true when shy Hinata falls in love with brash Naruto. Naruto rubbed the back of his head. Search. "FLOWERS HERE YOU!" Hinata shouted throwing the flowers at naruto quickly running away. Hokage naruto meets minato fanfiction. As Hinata comforted Naruto Sakura was dumbfounded. Last Chapter Read 30 Jul 4, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Dhe. Hybrid Shinobi(naruto fanfiction-various x reader) Blue Hime Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance July 3, 2016 Konichiwa minna-san my name is akira hyuga yeah you heard me clearly I am a hyuga a freaking hyuuga but not just any hyuuga I am the twin sister of hinata hyuuga . "Hehehe. Through her Mar 28, 2019 · 7 People Kissed Naruto Before Hinata Marlon Anime. Sakura is really strong, and a good medic. This is the story of Naruto’s journey into becoming the God-Emperor of the world, and of the woman always at his side. Lex Luthor is not a man who plays to lose. Kishimoto is pretty bad at writing women. . ItaNaru. Hinata Hyuga (日向 ヒナタ, Hyūga Hinata) is a fictional character in the anime and manga Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. He put on black shorts and a blood red shirt. 30 Apr 2005 When Yamanaka Ino decides to throw a Valentines Day partydance Hinata is in trouble. And they act like Hinata is a queen, when said girl couldn’t even talk without stuttering because she had daddy issues. Hinata keeps the identity of her fiance a secret since it has the potential to  25 Jun 2018 Naruto asked concerned for Hinata. Naruto says that no woman would ever want to date much less marry him. and what if someone else was together with the twos boys on team 7? Team 7: Love and Betrayal( A Naruto Anbu Fanfic ). 5,12,30. * Read - Read millions of stories for free * Write - Edit and  6 days ago Naruto and Hinata go through some memorable moments through multiple as well as Naruto the Hyuga Clan Secret Ointment to heal their wounds. that's what the villager's know but in my clan I am a disgrace. This however did little to put poor Naruto at ease. I want it to have violence, maybe a little adult content, but not the WHOLE THING being filled with adult content. Mar 20, 2014 · Yet Again With A Little Extra Help (Naruto/Hinata) New Chance (Naruto/Hinata) A Different Scroll (Naruto/Hinata) Waifs and Strays Series; Child of the Storm (Gen) The Secret Return of Alex Mack (Alex/Ray, Willow/J The League of Extraordinary Women (Gen) 2013 (23) December (3) August (1) April (3) Naruto lazily stumbled to his closet, and decided to wear normal clothes. Hinata just kissed him goodnight as naruto slept. 'Well rude, at first I thought you'd want to be friends and give me your secret to really soft silky hair but  Explore the NaruHina fanfiction collection - the favourite images chosen by starts with K, well i'm not good with secrets kitsunescythe ), i got it too late (like moths late) Chapter 19: Naruhina The First Kiss Naruto was walking next to Hinata  6 May 2018 Hinata has just come back to finish her senior year at Konoha High School after living for 5 years abroad in the Moon Kingdom. If she wasn’t on the team Naruto and Sasuke would be dead. "Uh, sorry  3 Nov 2018 After the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto was gradually falling in love with Hinata and the whole village of Konoha knew it…Well, aside from him. Feb 13, 2020 · 1 Naruto And Hinata's Wedding (Naruto Shippuden Ep. Ichiro was later concieved durring the third fanfiction, after about 9 months after an affair between Hinata and Naruto. depressed and feeling like he will never have anything to accomplish in life and no chance of making his dream of being the hokage a reality knowing he's got nobody else t 15 Things Only True Fans Know About Naruto And Hinata’s Relationship. Read millions of stories for free and publish on-the-go via the world's first and largest fanfiction archive. Will Hinata be able to prove herself as girlfriend  21 Dec 2008 Hinata: "Masashi Kishimoto does. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Suspense - Naruto U. 7 years later, now a world famous Shinobi and with legacy of Uzumaki and Senju at his side, Naruto once again No matter what happens, even if it was a slight touch, say Naruto accidentally pushing past Hinata, she would blush as if Naruto straight up when to her and said, "Hey Hinata. Any Naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around female same sex couples. Watch how Naruto and Kara find their way back to one another, and how they learn to heal from their traumas. “Hey, Naruto. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Godlike naruto betrayed and banished fanfiction crossover. Oct 10, 2019 · After a while, Hinata was moved to a seperate room which Naruto followed. naruto fanfiction above kage level Kakashi Gives Everyone Shinobi Secret Mission To Marry Naruto and Hinata,Sasuke congratulated Naruto Mar 29, 2012 · Based when Naruto and Jiraiya returned from the 3 years of training the same night. Hanabi is the younger daughter of the Hyūga clan's head, Hiashi Hyūga. The Uzumaki House Naruto and Hinata's house has a really eastern theme to it, the living space having a table for Aug 30, 2016 · "Mou~ Naruto-kun~" rajuk sang istri hanya membalas pertanyaan suami tercintanya dengan nada sebal dan kaki yang digoyang-goyangnya manja dalam dekapan suaminya. “OF COURSE YOU CAN! Hinata opened her mouth trying to speak but all will come out was mumbles. Tomorrow is an important meeting between village elders". That event brings them closer and leads them both down a spiral of darkness, blood, and conquest. " Naruto smirks as he says, "How about you come inside. At the innocent age of 9 Hinata witnesses the hate the villagers have for Naruto. With their relationship developing  9 Jan 2009 When Hinata's blanket began to slip she coughed. After about 10 minutes, Hinata arrives at Naruto's dorm. Naruto grimaced saying"sorry honey but i have to sleep. Hokage naruto meets minato fanfiction Hinata Uzumaki (うずまきヒナタ, Uzumaki Hinata, née Hyūga (日向)) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. Hinata is a kunoichi and the former heiress of the Hyūga clan from the fictional village of Konohagakure. Tobio Kageyama (Japanese: 影山 (かげやま) 飛雄 (とびお) Kageyama Tobio) is the deuteragonist of the Haikyū!! series. trained by the third hokage: Naruto's secret teacher Fanfiction naruto has once again failed his entrance exams to join the shinobi academy. Mpreg. 6/21/2018 c3 colbyburningham Can you update this one please. The both of them thought "And this is just the beginning". " "Yes Master," Hinata repilys. Naruto is unsure what to do with this crazy character but when offered the chance to redo the past and save the ones he loves he agrees to Ghost's Apr 25, 2008 · I want to read a GOOD Naruhina fanfic that takes place in Konoha, in the present Naruto time (not in future, in the time the show takes place, preferably Shippuuden series). Hinata’s expression suddenly changed from crazed girl to friendly and innocent. Mar 21, 2014 · The Naruto world is losing the fight and in the opening chapter Naruto is trapped as the fox is being extracted. She shouldn't be hurting. If she dosen't ask Naruto, she may never win his heart. Literally half the women in Naruto only existed as love interests. He still put on his kunai pouch and his head protector, though. Upon the brink of delivering good news, Naruto catches his lover having an affair. true When futa Hinata ends up with Naruto again for Naruto Futa Fanfiction. , Hinata H. I think I’ll show you a secret. The old adage of opposites attracting is true when shy Hinata falls in love with brash Naruto. Kurama tells Naruto to shut up and opens his eyes, what he sees is Hinata with her sweet smile. 500) The #1 Naruto and Hinata moment is one we never thought we would get: their wedding. She lost her position as heiress of the Hyūga clan due to her meek disposition making her unsuited for the responsibilities of leading the clan. Godlike naruto betrayed and banished fanfiction crossover Godlike naruto betrayed and banished fanfiction Rwby Fanfiction Watching Jaune Multiverse Naruto 18 Jun 2012 Unbeknownst to their friends, Naruto and Hinata have actually been seeing each other for quite some time. "Are you ok your face is red?" Naruto reached out an touched Hinata's forehead. So Naruto has his normal blue chakra then Kyuubi's chakra to call on and that is red. Finding out about this through texting, Hinata texts Naruto, "Ill go 2 ur dormI wanna see u". Naruto had always seemed so happy to her; to everyone, but looking at how he was now, just thinking about it years later hurt him this much… Hinata patting the seat next to her told Malina once she sat down "what you said about the chakra colors is true but Naruto was a vessel for the nine-tailed fox known as Kyuubi. However, this time the two of them were positively glowing. " Ucap Naruto kepada istri tersayangnya dengan nada menggoda dan tentu saja Naruto is 16 and the kyuubi Kurama is feisty saying that Naruto needs to get a girlfriend and marry her. “Hinata” Hokage naruto meets minato fanfiction. Hinata flinched at Naruto's hand and without thinking quickly slapped his hand away. Tears welled up in Naruto's eyes and Hinata wrapped her arms tightly around him and rocked back and forward. depressed and feeling like he will never have anything to accomplish in life and no chance of making his dream of being the hokage a reality knowing he's got nobody else t Chapter 2 – Hinata in Heat The next day found Naruto and Hinata at the hospital once again. After the girls, and boys of Hinata and Naruto's dorm go out, Hinata is left alone. #269018 - applejack, artist:narutopony, belly button, clothes, cosplay, fluttershy, haruno sakura, humanized, hyuuga hinata, line-up, midriff, naruto, nohara rin naruto lemon fanfiction hinata Pages 1. "Huh?" The two broke apart, blushing furiously. Even though  Silent Kisses - A Naruto (Sasuke x Hinata) Fic what if they had dark secrets that changed them, made them darker. Nonetheless, Hinata persevered and from her observation of Naruto Uzumaki especially, Hinata found an example to follow. Naruto locks the door, and asks Hinata to tuen around. In the anime, while always looking up to her older sister Hinata and wanting to spend more time with her, Hinata's duties as the future heiress of their clan made it hard for the two sisters to have any for Naruto Futa Fanfiction. Hinata-chan, meski berat badanmu sampai 200kg pun, aku masih tetap ingin bercinta denganmu, sayang. 4 Nov 2010 Naruto and Hinata secretly go out on a date after Naruto finally addresses her confession. In the final arc of the series, Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding, is about what their friends and citizens of Konoha plan to get them as a present. Sep 27, 2016 · Naruto X Kiyomi Uchiha Fanfiction Haikyuu Fanfiction Hinata Secret Prodigy Hinata, once they were done kissing, would smile so widely at him after that, out of breath and blushing. Naruto ate ramen for breakfast, but to his disappointment, he was only able to eat two servings of it, because that was the last remains of food in his house. The series takes place in a fictional universe where countries vie for power by employing ninja who can use superhuman abilities in combat. Naruto Naruto and Itachi. 11 Aug 2013 The slow progression of Naruto and Hinata's relationship is beautiful. Naruto & Hinata: (blushing). At Naruto's apartment he releases a transformation jutsu to reveal her true form Naruko Hinata cames over to visit her girlfriend Naruko they been dating since the invasion of konoha when Hinaia entered Naruko's apartment she sees Naruko naked and they have sex for the first time. Hikane was three years of age upon Haru's birth. " Keyote: "Enough of this disclaimer, lets see some NaruHina action. She rubbed his hair and whispered to him. Suprisingly, so is Naruto. Pain was defeated. Her friends were alive and well. Language: English Hinata in her shy self says, " H-e-y N-a-r-u-t-o. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. When their friend, Sakura Haruno, entered the room with clipboard in hand, she couldn’t help but blink in confusion at the happily smiling couple that couldn’t stop giggling together. Uzumaki Boruto, a young baby was born to parents Uzumaki Naruto Naruto & Hinata's family. Suddenly in the mind-space there is a tear and a drunk off his rocker Ghost shows up. Hinata ran all the Hanabi Hyūga (日向ハナビ, Hyūga Hanabi) is a kunoichi from Konohagakure and the heiress of the Hyūga clan. Hyuuga Hinata & Uzumaki Naruto; Hyuuga Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto; Hyuuga Hinata; Angst; Hurt No Comfort; Canonical Child Abuse; References to Depression; Anxiety Attacks; NaruHina 2020; Summary. naruto and hinata secret fanfiction

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